BASiCS Seminar


The BASiCS group (Berkeley Audio-visual Signal processing and Communication Systems) is hosted by Prof. Kannan Ramachandran and affiliated with the Berkeley Laboratory for Information and System Sciences. Talks at the group meeting cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to distributed computing, optimization and control and deep learning. The list of talks for the current semester can be found below.

A calendar of all the talks is available here. You can choose to add this to your own Google calendar by clicking on this URL.

Fall 2020
Location: Zoom
Regular seminar time: Friday 11-12AM

To give a talk at the seminar, contact Swanand Kadhe, Nived Rajaraman, Avishek Ghosh, or Kannan Ramchandran

Fall 2020 Talks

Dates marked in bold indicate that talks are at non-regular times/venues.

Sept. 2 Swanand Kadhe (UC Berkeley) FastSecAgg: Scalable Secure Aggregation for Federated details
Sept. 18 Dimitris Papailiopoulos (UW Madison) Learning is Pruning details
Sept. 25 Steven Cao (UC Berkeley) Cross-lingual Embedding Alignment details
Oct. 2 Nived Rajaraman (UC Berkeley) Is Long Horizon Reinforcement Learning More Difficult Than Short Horizon Reinforcement Learning? details
Oct. 9 Yaoqing Yang (UC Berkeley) Benchmarking Semi-supervised Federated Learning details
Oct. 16 Jichan Chung (UC Berkeley) ADAHESSIAN: An Adaptive Second Order Optimizer for Machine Learning details
Oct. 23 Vipul Gupta (UC Berkeley) details
Oct. 30 Swanand Kadhe (UC Berkeley) details
Nov. 6 Avishek Ghosh (UC Berkeley) details